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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NEWS: Grunge supergroup Hater's 1993 album to be re-released

REMEMBER grunge? Remember when there were actually some 'grunge' acts that were actually not too bad? And, out of that Seattle hotbed came an act that were sort of a grunge version of a supergroup.

While many might have missed out on their release in the hype of checked shirts and posing you can now have a chance to find out more with UMC re-releasing the 1993album...here's why it's worth checking out.

Ben Shepherd returned to his garage rock roots and assembled a group of musicians that became Hater, in Seattle, playing guitar alongside Soundgarden band mate, drummer Matt Cameron, as well as ex-Monster Magnet guitarist John McBain, Devilhead vocalist Brian Wood, brother of the late pre-grunge outfit Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood, and fellow Devilhead bassist John Waterman. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in between Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger,1991, and, their Grammy Award winning album Superunknown,1994.

Hater was released on A&M Records on September 21, 1993, and is now being reissued on CD and for the first time digitally and on vinyl by UMC on July 15th.

Two singles, “Who Do I Kill?” and “Circles,” were released from the album, which also included a cover of Cat Stevens’ “Mona Bona Jakon.”  Shepherd, McBain and Wood wrote the majority of the songs, with Cameron co-writing “Sad McBain” with Waterman.  The album also features country songwriter Billy “Edd” Wheeler’s 1963 single, “Blistered.” Wheeler was most known for penning “Jackson,” a Grammy Award winner for Johnny Cash and June Carter.

The band contributed a song to the 1995 compilation album, Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML, to support marijuana legalization, with bassist Alan Davis joining Shepherd, Cameron and McBain. Hater recorded their second album, The 2nd, that same year following Soundgarden’s tour for Superunknown, but its release was delayed until 2005.

Hater disbanded in 1997, with Shepherd and McBain going on to play in the Desert Sessions with Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, and Cameron becoming Pearl Jam’s drummer.

Hater’s second album, The 2nd, was released in April, 2005, through indie label Burn Burn Burn. Shepherd recruited Broadcast Oblivion/Droo Church bassist Andrew Church, Void guitarist Bubba Dupree and Zen Guerilla drummer Andy Duvall to play shows supporting the album.

The complete album track list is as follows:
1. Mona Bona Jakon
2. Who Do I Kill?
3. Tot Finder
4. Lion And Lamb
5. Roadside
6. Down Undershoe
7. Circles
8. Putrid
9. Blistered
10. Sad McBain

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