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Saturday, June 25, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Don't let the silly title put you off - Acid Age's latest release has class in its hyper speed grooves

WHEN you sit down to consider what to call your album, it can be a laborious chore; writer's block can cripple all thoughts, a wrenching agony trying to decide what best encapsulates your sound, your vision and the passion you put into the platter you are about to unleash into the public realm.

Then it must only be 'Like A Combine Harvester In A Field Of Crippled Rabbits' if your band is Acid Age'. No other choice really.

Of course it's full throttle thrash metal with a  healthy dose of punk chaos, but lest you be mistaken, this is not just a blatter through life, beer and mayhem. You can only get away with that one trick pony a single time.

Instead there must be substance within the maelstrom. There must be ability to change up and down when necessary. There must be some real musicianship.

From the pedal to the metal of the title track opener there is much more on display than speed. The intricacies of 'Shotgun In Your Mouth' are there from the opening, but with plenty of deft touches in the manic riffing and solos.

Milk's guitar work is stirring throughout, ranging far and wide along the fretboard to produce a feast of axe fun.

And, it's not a simple case of sweep picks, runs and all the tricks in the armoury. There is a sense of purpose in the arrangements that allows for changes in tempo and even references to classical composers works...Yes, seriously.

Bumble-Bee (bass) and Iran (drums) will neeed to hit the gym when they play this live. And, a metronomic sense of timing when the tunes dip and shift in rythms.

'Hell Is In The South Sea' is a perfect example of this as it changes dramatically from a doomy opening to thrash and then into blues lines. Class!

The entire album's running length is just over 26 minutes, but what Acid Age have done is cram everything they have learned live and on previous recordings to pack pure energy into this recordings.

Having said that Limbs may need a throat transplant after playing some of these tracks live. When they describe themselves as "hyper thrash" you know everyone has to be at the top of their game.

And they set that stall out clearly on 'Manifesto de Hyper Thrash'. Say it as it is and all that.

Once you get past the velocity there is many layers to the Acid Age sound. The riffs on closer 'Try to Hide From Frankenstein's Bride' (which has nice punk touches) are well placed and managed in the context of the song's structure. And, despite occasionally dropping into pure silliness there is wit in the lyrical content.

Overall this is a release that deserves a wide audience for those that like their thrash, well at hyper speed and with subtlety in the volume.

Review by Jonny

Like A Combine Harvester In A Field Of Crippled Rabbits is out now on Witches Brew

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