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Monday, June 20, 2016

NEWS: Grab a listen to LLNN's new album before its release on Friday

WE don’t usually recommend that you head off to another site, but ahead of the official release on Friday, LLNN have streamed their debut album, ‘Loss’. The four piece from Copenhagen, conjure up abrasive hardcore influenced rawness in abundance.

The band said: “The making of this album has been a creative joyride of watching a bunch of our favorite VHS 80s sci-fi flicks and afterwards trying to get that mood and “visual” feeling transferred into the sound of heavy and sludgy post-hardcore. 

“We’re huge fans of the work of John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel and Vangelis to name a few.

“Loss is about the loss of innocence and is lyrically meant to describe the transition from a na├»ve idealist to a solipsist nihilist. We were raised to believe in the good nature of people, an ideal we naively still hold on to for dear life, but growing up and watching the realities of life unfold in front of you, can be a soul sucking experience. It’s about the insurmountable immovable object that is the will of man and how utterly devastating it can be to witness at times.

"We hope that you will enjoy the album and that it will be as cathartic for you to listen to, as it was for us to write it.”

Loss is the follow up to LLNN's 2014 Marks EP, and will appeal to fans of His Hero Is Gone, Neurosis, Coalesce and Amenra.

Loss will be released on June 24 and is available to order HERE via Pelagic Records. 

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