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Thursday, September 18, 2014

NEWS - Triple dose of metal for Indian Summer - Anathema, Carcass and Dragonforce. Neck snapping time!

REGULAR readers will know that earlier this year we dubbed it the "Summer of Metal" given the plethora of appearances in Norn Iron by international and national acts - a big debt of appreciation owed by fans to all the promoters is due.

But as temperatures reach unfeasibly high levels for mid-September the 'Summer of Metal' rolls on...

Tonight [Thursday, 19th September] Anathema and Mother's Cake descend upon Limelight2 in a Distortion Project show sure to intrigue and batter at the same time. Unfortunately, owing to circumstances beyond our control we can't be there....but that doesn't stop you shipping your sorry metal asses to this gig!"

Tomorrow night prepare to be pummeled. Carcass return to these shores for the first time. Following reports from our reporters Zakk & Nadz at Sonisphere it's set to be one hell of a show with a nice balance of Carcass classics and newer works. Tracks of Surgical Steel fit right into the set.

Some weeks ago we saw support act Coldwar at the excellent Monsters of Rot....broken wrists aside, suffice to say they were great and you have to check out their excellent Pantheist album.

Now, after all that things change pace on Saturday night as the metal gears are shifted into hyperdrive as Dragonforce bring their Maximum Overload tour to town. Dear metallic gods this is one band that are loyal to this town - they keep coming back. Something in the water we think...

Their Limelight2 appearance is notable for a few reasons, not just their loyalty to Belfast. They are one of the few bands that have survived a disastrous tour and re-emerged energized and a little more 'daring.'

Yes, Dragonforce daring? What we hear you cry! Thin on this...the first trance of Dragonforce releases were all about fast as fuck solos, big choruses and strange Nintendo sounds.

With Marc Hudson now handling vocal duties they seem to have emerged re-born as a pure Power Metal act - albeit with the back catalogue still on show for guitar histrionics.

On Maximum Overload they have reined back some of their excesses with a couple of mid-tempo tracks, and a better balance overall.

Of course we'll see the usual solo trade offs between Tottman and Li, but we are most pleased to get to see them up close and personal.

Support comes from the totally excellent Conjuring Fate. Be warned that the Fate are on stage at 7.30. Do not miss them!

A few tickets still remain for all the above shows...just a few.

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