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Sunday, September 28, 2014

LIVE REVIEW: Strange times for Assaut on T13 as six takes on metal from six bands kicks off at six....

FRIDAY, September 26th saw an ambitious metal project take on the urban sports and craft venue, T13. The real shame was that too few turned out, and that the venue proved to be not 'metal-friendly'.

Mr Legge - heroic efforts
on stage and bringing
Assault on T13 despite
the barriers
The reasons why there were so few in attendance owed a little to the other gigs that evening, a little to the lack of promo from the venue, and a little to apathy. How many of the 250 who were at the Limelight2 for Dragonforce could have made it along? How many under 18s who want desperately to see metal live could have made it along?

How much more effort could have been made to promote this event by T13 as something unique and different? This could have kicked off T13 as a venue for rock and metal gigs.

However, it wasn't despite the best efforts of Mr Legge to get the whole things running well. And, aurally Assault on T13 was a success as six bands took to the stage to lay down sets as if they were playing an arena show in front of thousands.

Wayne expresss eloquently
his views on politics
Opening up proceedings was the new line-up of Altus. After months of re-shuffling, the new shape of Altus retains much of the old sound and power, but will need time to bed in before its full live potential can be realised. Nevertheless, Altus still pack a big punch!

Hardcore/extreme metal Defyed roared throughout their set. Wayne telling tales political wasters, hope in the face of adversity and frustration at the state of the planet and Northern Ireland in particular.

'Spit the Lies' was  stand-out track, while Wayne's off-stage stomp warmed many to the band who were unfamiliar with the Defyed challenge to the norm. Ever more willing to take on audiences whenever they can: the band headed off to play another gig that night in the Warzone Centre.

Making the journey from Dublin were Theories Divide, who managed to misplace a bass player along the way....

Theories Divide with an invisible
Undaunted, Garreth, Leigh and Garrett laughed at the adversity, tipped a beer back and romped through a set that featured traditional metal, tight wee dynamic guitar sections and some contemporary roars.

The consensus amongst the hardened hacks and cynics was that we need to get Theories Divide back up here, and with new song 'Reborn' the songwriting care was clear to all.

Andy enjoys a quiet
moment with Satan
But, despite all the glee of all present, Satan was in the house...well the trumpets sounded as Lucifer's battalions of loudness Zlatanera looked out into the warehouse where parts Titanic were constructed, and the sounds of heavy, grooving metal resounded, and occasional chants of Hail Satan were heard.

'Holy Man' Crook' is already known to many, and Andy's devilish grin greeted the applause, as Keith's drums and Anto's bass rolled across while Willie and Andy wove spells that the Dark Lord would have approved of

Readying for the release of their latest ep on Hallowe'en night, Scimitar have been putting their backs to the grinstone in the studio, and releasing themselves on to stage seemed to give them a liberated liveliness.

Ryan expresses exuberance at
having the new ep almost done
Jonny's vocals have steadily improved, while John asked all the right questions of his six-string as Chriz and Ryan maintained all the right rolling thunder.

With 'Act of War' already entrenching the band's base sound the 'Plague In The Vatican' ep should be the next push for the band.

Beard life support system
a.k.a. Joe
Headliners, Rabid Bitch Of The North, are riding on the crest of a wave in 2014. Traditional, up-to-date, unflinching and hairy and loud.

With his wingmen Gerry and Chris, Joe leads with a flourishing determination. Even when the audience - from the oldest to the youngest - are behind every below, every high-pitched scream, every solo, and every roll along the kit, they still shout out 'Us Against Them' as if the forces allied against metal need to be beaten down.

'Defending Two Castles' cassette release has propelled RBOTN to new heights, and the range of gigs and a Bloodstock slot have made the difference. A hairy band of heaviness that is sallying forth from the north.

Review by Jonny (with additional notes from Zakk)
All photography from MetalPlanetBelfast
No reproduction or use of any image or text without explicit written permission

Hello from Dublin

Is Satan watching?

Look to the skies for the Plague in the Vatican

Got guitar - gonna play!

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