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Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEWS: Mustaine and Napalm Death and the Golden Gods...

FOR the first time in the history of The Metal Hammer Golden Gods an award recipient is being named upfront of the night. The Golden God Award (Sponsored By Orange Amplification) on Monday June 15th will be presented to the legendary Dave Mustaine.
It just had to be Mustaine...the editor of this site has a wee bit of a grudge against Mutsaine [riot at show in Antrim Northern Ireland, and he's an Arsenal fan].
But that aside he has produced some good albums...the first four. Tomorrow (June 12th) is the 30th anniversary of Megadeth's 'Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good.
I am truly humbled to receive this award, and to be recognized by your peers for your accomplishments, is almost as gratifying as not being recognized by the police for your accomplices," said Mustaine.

"The Metal Hammer Golden God awards are a 21-gun salute to all that is great in our world" said Alexander Milas, Metal Hammer editor-in-chief. "Dave Mustaine is nothing less than the living embodiment of dedication to the craft, and it's an absolute honour to celebrate 30 years of Megadeth's earth-shaking debut with one of metal's greatest guitar heroes."
His words, not ours!
Also announced are the band's opening proceedings on HMS Hammer. They are:
  • Napalm Death;
  • Upon A Burning Body;
  • Butcher Babies; and,
  • Code Orange
 “Napalm Death is independent of thought and independent of action," said frontman Barney Greenway of Napalm Death's nomination for Best British Band in this year's awards.

"In some ways, competing against other bands for something nice and shiny undoubtedly gives a certain warm feeling inside, but we promise we won't be filled with hate if somebody else scoops it. Thanks though for your considerations - you're just too kind and we're just (deliberately) too fucking noisy.”

 The Golden Gods are being hosted by Scott Ian and features performances from:
Killing Joke;
At The Gates;
Baby Metal (featuring Dragonforce);
We Are Harlot; and,
Suicidal Tendencies.

No doubt the event will be coming to a screen near you soon...

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