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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

COMIN' ATCHA: Nothing to do? Bored? Well you won't be this week!

HOW many keyboard warriors does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: None, they'd rather stay in the dark. By the same measurement we always hear from the key clicking bunch about there being nothing to do, no gigs etc etc etc.

How wrong they are. Take the next five days as an example...

Tonight NOLA stalwarts and stoner maestros EyeHateGod play Limelight2 with support from the mighty War Iron and Burden  of the Noose.

Come on! It's hump day so you can get a break from the drudge of the office with some righteous noise.

Thursday, however, is when the weekend unofficially starts...who works that hard on Friday anyway? So on Thursday night you can wend your way to Paradise City's 30th Birthday show in the Voodoo. Helping Paradise City blow out the candles will be Sinocence, St Hellfire and the last ever gig from Worldsend.

Last chance to see 'em folks so get along and raise a glass to them!

Friday....ahh the joy of walking out the door of the office/factory/coal mine (apologies to weekend workers...call in sick say you're suffering from metal deficiency!).

Not normally the preserve of rock venues, McHugh's Bar is hosting Pat 'The Professor' McManus. If you have ever seen Pat play you know he is an entertainer and the real deal when it comes to guitar heroes.

Speaking of heroes, 'Tallica always hailed NWOBHM act Diamond Head as their heroes. The question of whether we can ask 'Am I Evil' remains moot, but Diamond Head play Limelight2 on Saturday, with support from Rabid Bitch of the North and Conjuring Fate. Tasty!

When it comes to taste, your delicate taste buds should be wet with drooling saliva at the prospect of Mastodon playing in the Ulster Hall. Anyone who saw them last time knows just how good - no great they are live.

And, the fact that they were all 'killed' by White Walkers in Game of Thrones adds ever more to their kudos score.

Support from Bad Breeding.

And, if the prospect of Mastodon seems too much (get thee behind me!) there's always Lo Mejor at the Hudson.

Tickets for all these shows are available at the various doors.

Nothing to do? Bored? No shows in town? No gigs? These are five days when you can experience the varied delights of rock and metal in Belfast, where, as Mr Daly of CJ might say the eagles fly.

See y'all there!

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