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Monday, June 01, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Roth rocks the Diamond revisiting Scorpions classics

IF you wanted a masterclass in how to play guitar you should have been at the Diamond Rock Club on Saturday, 30th May. If you wanted a masterclass in how to re-interpret classic songs you should have been at the Diamond Rock Club on Saturday, 30th May. If you were, you know what we're talking about.

Uli Jon Roth brought his band to County Antrim and brought a set that left many usually reserved people agog during the songs and roaring in acclaim between songs.

Sure, we were impressed when we reviewed the album that set the scene for this gig but live the songs attain an almost spiritual dimension.

It is a fine line to draw, but being tight and loose enough to allow improvisation is an art form in and of itself.

Roth may be the star, but Nathan's vocals manage to tackle the classic Scorpions songs without any attempt at slavish re-workings of Meine.

Textures of songs are worked out with Corvin Bahn's keyboards, but it is the interplay between Roth and Niklas Turmann and David Klosinski on guitars that makes the sound so lush.

Songs so familiar to Scorpions fans were given new life, new breath and the likes of 'In Trance' and 'Polar Nights' sounded fresh and dynamic.

That drummer Jamie Little and bassist Ule W. Ritgen were having so much fun belied their tightness as a unit.

But - this was billed as Uli Jon Roth show and that was entirely appropriate. Roth's talent has always been apparent and on Saturday he showcased that talent to a degree few masters of the axe could emulate.

Melody, shredding, delicate musical abandon and an ease in his playing combined in a performance which has us struggling with superlatives.

This was the second show in a lengthy Scorpions Revisited trek - and if you are a guitar fan or a classic (think Tokyo Tapes) Scorpions fan then you will not want to miss this.

Review by Jonny
Video interview courtesy of Gary Grattan

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