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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

NEWS: Monsters of Rot confirms final line-up as Xerath join Abaddon Incarnate and a host of others

ENTERING its fifth year Monsters of Rot is delivering what is arguably its strongest line-up for the August 1st Fermanagh fest with English act Xerath announced as headliners today (June 2nd).

Also announced today are Fermanagh based progsters 100 Forest and Gourd described by the organisers as the "bastard doom child of Wreck of The Hesperus and On Pain of Death".

They will take the Letterbreen stage along with an already top-notch line-up.

Just think about this lot:
  • Abaddon Incarnate;
  • Guttrench;
  • the impossible to pronounce Austrian band VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC,;
  • Okus;
  • Jobseekers;
  • Altus;
  • Hollow Truth;
  • Axecatcher;
  • Bad Boat; and,
  • Attack the Day.

All this is taking place in one day - you may never be the same afterwards. This is music that is not for the faint-hearted -  this is the very definition of a brutal day-out. So brutal that this site's editor broke both his wrists last year!

And, should you head down there are camping packages, loads of nearby accommodation and a return bus from Belfast (with a stop in Portadown).

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Anonymous said...

XERATH. Brill news