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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The mystery of the missing audience...yet Fuckhammer and Altus still deliver

THERE comes a time when as a journalist and reviewer you simply scratch your head and wonder what the hell it takes to get some people off their asses. At a sparsely populated Limelight2 on Saturday, March 22nd Fuckhammer and Altus still managed to deliver two intense sets of heavy metal...yet there were too few present.

True the full-on assault of Altus and the downright extreme delivery of Fuckhammer may not to be the taste of, for example, those that helped sell-out the Foreigner show, but there are more than a few who like their metal delivered full-on.

Despite the mystery of the missing audience the Distortion Project gig saw two performances that were enjoyable, in as far as giving your ears a kicking can be enjoyable; which in the right hands is a pleasurable experience.

Altus were concentrating on their recently released ep, (available here) and played what we saw as an intense set of metal. The last time we reviewed them we spoke about a band in transition. It seems that the transition is now complete. Particularly the more doom-laden tracks seem to be where the band are comfortable.

Fuckhammer are perhaps one of the enigmas of extreme metal - members play in other bands and range across the border. But they have their own identity and style.

Abortion Addict, Drone and Dead in the Gutter were stand out tracks in a tight set. And, the storming, full sprint of their cover version of Symptom of the Universe flayed body parts of those present.

Bagsie and Dave McCallum kept the momentum rolling along with a DJ set that was as varied as it was entertaining, something that would be a good addition to nights like these.

With so many gigs coming down the path it is perhaps understandable that some may be trying to ration their metal and rock, but the Distortion Project offers a £5 gig most Saturday's and  bar staff are on hand to ensure you get your drink offers speedily down yer necks.

For those present on March 22nd, whether they were drinking or not it is fair to say that they were 'Hammered to Fuck' by two great acts.

Now, kiddies make sure you save up yer pennies for future gigs from local bands laid on by the likes of James Loveday and Derwin at the Diamond....and give them a hug for keeping the rock and metal scene alive.

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