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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

No joke in the Badlands as Cage The Gods let loose début platter

Review by Baal

All of us have heard the one about an Englishman, an Irishman, a Welshman and a Scotsman.....this is just the nationalities British band Cage The Gods are comprised of and their music will make you smile!.

This band , comprising of Peter Comerford on vocals, Jam on guitars, Mitch Witham on bass and Colin Jones on drums, are definitely not a joke....
What they are is a new and exciting band, who seem to have perfected a blend of both classic and modern rock, which has been moulded into a set of songs with sound familiar yet at the same time fresh.  If there’s one thing that stands out after a listen to this debut album ‘Badlands’, then it’s that sometimes all too rare commodity…..songs, and songs are what Cage The Gods have in abundance.
On first listen, all of the influences are fairly obvious. Name a classic rock band from the 80’s or early 90’s and you’ll find aspects of ‘that’ sound on this album. Opening track ‘Favourite Sin’ kicks things off in a G ‘n R tinged fashion, though as was mentioned earlier, still sounding fresh and vibrant.
The production is polished yet powerful and really showcases the band's obvious talent.
Trouble Reigns’, title track ‘Badlands’ and ‘Scarifice’ do exactly what they should….they rock. The powerful yet soulful hooks are delivered with an attitude and style that is seldom encountered on a debut album. Comerford’s vocal style oozes an attitude and arrogance that works alongside Jam’s straight ahead riffing and soloing, whilst the rhythm section keep things rolling along in great style.
The uniquely titled ‘Bruce Willis’ sees the band flex their blues tinged muscles and is an enjoyable departure from the straight up classic rock sound that comes  before it.
The band also display the ability to employ light and shade in the form of the more restrained and melodic ‘Falling’ and ‘What’s Left Of Me’, to our ears two of the strongest tracks on ‘Badlands’.              
‘Promises’ is also a very strong track which gives the aforementioned duo of tracks a run for their money.  It would be difficult to find fault with this album, all of the songs have something to offer, without a trace of ‘filler’ in sight.
We were lucky enough to catch the band recently, supporting The Answer and happily we can report that they can also cut it live and we look forward to seeing them on these shores again sometime.
If there is any justice and if the set of songs on ‘Badlands’ are anything to go by then  Cage The Gods should have a promising future ahead.
If you’re a fan of classic rock with a modern vibe (and why wouldn’t you be), you really could do a lot worse than invest in a copy of this album, a worthy and worthwhile addition to any self-respecting rockers collection.

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