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Monday, April 21, 2014

The (Kerry) King has risen! Belfast's resident speed metal thrashers are back on 30th June

SLAYER - the name synonymous with speed metal thrash, the wicked infusion of west coast US Punk, metal and speed that sticks a middle finger at the scenesters and fashionistas of the music business are coming back to Belfast on 30th June 2014.

Yes - the band which sold out a 2013 Limelight1 date in a stunning record smashing three minutes are coming back to the Ormeau Avenue venue once again to level Belfast ahead of their European festival dates.

Those who have seen Slayer before know what to expect...those who saw Slayer at the Limelight1 last year know that seeing them in such an almost intimate venue is almost a revelatory experience.

Screw the doubters, screw the magazines who and TV channels obsessed with the latest PR insider gossip - Slayer are not changing, never will change for evermore and always pound all in front of them.

Yes, there are a very, very few naysayers, but rest assured they won't be there on 30th June 2014 at Limelight1 and are not among the anointed Slaytonic Whermacht.

Tickets go on sale (and will sell at an equally rapid rate) on Friday. £35+booking fee from...well we suggest you find out quick how to get hold of them...[Clue - usual outlets]

[UPDATE: Slayer's Facebook page has an additional date on 29th June too - nothing confirmed as yet from Limelight, will let you know when and if it is confirmed]

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