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Thursday, February 09, 2006

'Tallica! Dublin!

Hold all bets, cancel all previous engagements, deny knowledge to no-one! Metallica are back! RDS Arena, June 11th - tickets on sale February 16th. Yee Ha!


colin-cbr said...

Whereabouts is the RDS in relation to the Point Depot, or is it the same place ???? That would be a fantastic gig to do a photoshoot at.

Anonymous said...

Nawh cant see me cancelling too much to make that trip to see those *******!!!!!Never really did think much of them.....Too many other good bands i'd prefer to see,Deff Leppard to start world tour in June....now we're talking..

only my opinion of course!!


Jonny said...

Colin - RDS Arena is outside of Dub, other side of river from Point. It's where Iron Maiden where last August. Best directions I can give you are: Go to central of Dublin. Get taxi :)

Aww Sylvia I would have never guessed on you not liking 'tallica :) But you can lend M a fiver and he can come along on the jolly 'tallica bus. When are Leppard playing (and will there be a Belfast date?)

Anonymous said...

Think i'll keep my fiver J.....Metallica = MGB nowadays, plus the last album was complete and utter shite, and as you know i loved metallica, sorry to say they've lost it!

Hopefully Leppard will be including Belfast on the tour, i'll be surprised if they dont.Pity Metallica have forgotten bout Belfast.....not enuff $$$ to be had perhaps


Jonny said...

Too few of the bigger bands putting Belfast on their itinerary - all comes down to what halls will sell 75% plus I hear. From what I hear the fact that Priest, Revolver and Darkness didn't sell out has affected the issue.

Still at least Dragonforce & Trivium are coming :) in next month.