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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Licking Juliette

Ahh, l'il ole Juliette - actress turned rock star - at least that's what she hopes. The woman who starred as the slightly demented female lead to an equally demented Brad Pitt in Kalifornia did her best to engage the crowd at the Odyssey on Sunday night. And eventually she did.

Apart from the usual puerile shouts from pre-pubescent adolescents to 'Gerr em awf' Juliette won over a sizeable proportion of the crowd with her energy and verve more than anything.

By the final third of her set she had those of us down the front bopping and banging - even a mini-pit appeared :-).

Couple of hints Juliette - first, your band: all competent musicians, but tell them a little eye contact with the crowd helps; next - don't get bitter about portions of the crowd not paying attention or getting with the groove; you proved you can win them over without (albeit gently) berating them.

Lastly - stick at it! For all the sub-Iggy moves and street rock riffs there is a lot for you to be proud of; another album and a headlining tour round smaller venues will get you there!

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Anonymous said...

Somebody please get a promoter to book her and the band for a Belfast show. S & A, Limelight, Empire, Rosetta, I don't care, just book her !!!