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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rubin 'Tallica producer

Legendary producer of such tomes as Reign In Blood, has signed on to produce 'Tallica's new album. At least the snare drum won't sound like a bin lid! Update is here.

Also. Korn hve signed on as one of the support acts for 'Tallica's June 11th gig in Dublin


Pastor of Muppets said...

There's hope for them yet! There's no way that Rubin will allow his name to be connected with something crap!

Jonny said...

Having said that Rubin is producing, last week Ulrich declared that Bob Rock will 'always be part of Metallica'. Sources close to the 'Tallica camp (my mate who gets the official magazine and who's cousin's Jack Russell dog is the half brother of a border collie that lived in San Francisco for a week...) have revealed that Rock will be handling some of the mixing and the Hammet and Het riffs, but with Rubin having overall control - especially on the drum sound!