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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


You have to give them credit for persistence! Who you may ask? The evanglelical Christians (a.k.a. Chins; a.k.a. dicks) who turn up after gigs to berate us about our godlessness. After The Darkness there they were, handing out their tracts and asking us: "Do you really want a One Way Ticket to Hell" before being told that the album title was ...And Back".

Can't wait til Cradle of Filth play here then they'll really have something to moan about.

Also, was going to rant a bit about kids having sneaky bottles of vodka at the gig and being plastered, then remembered the days of Baal, Rab, Stevie, The Ring, amongst many others at MSG, Lizzy, Metallica, Dio, WASP etc and to paraphrase the evangelicals "Let he who is without beer cast the first bottle..." But then again seeing an 11-year-old plastered in the pit (he was celebrating his 11+ apparently!) was going a wee bit far. But at least he was doing at a good concert!


Anonymous said...

Just to add my two pennies worth on the subject of drink, why is it that some tosser's seem to think it highly amusing to fire the unwanted remains of a pint of beer into the air at random targets ? If you can't hold your drink, don't drink so much !! Even try pouring it on the floor, thats really easy. Or swallow it. The camera equipment I use for the benefit of all Jonny's blog viewers will cost in excess of £700 to replace if damaged. It does'nt like getting warm beer thrown round it, and quite frankly, I'm not that thrilled either.So for all the sensible grown up's out there, feel free to 'educate' any waster you see chucking beer/fluids at gigs. You know it makes sense !!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree & it really only seems to be at gigs in NI and some of them down south(obviously travellin' pricks) that an awful lot of people who go to gigs are complete and utter wankers who are in need of a bit of 8o's concert style education! Can honestly say i hate going to gigs in Belfast, no matter what venue, as a sizeable proportion are there either to talk, text, go on a sponsored walk in & out of the hall or throw beer.....lets just start giving them a kicking!!!!!


Jonny said...

Me can't figure out why they would want to fling beer in the air - it's for drinking...unless there is a Beer Fight; and that should only be outside the venue!

Jonny said...

Also never mind the sponsored in and out of the hall, let's have a sponsored kick the wanker who keeps pushing in front of you after you've been standing there for three bloody hours!