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Saturday, February 11, 2006

35 notes for a 12-bar boogie

Back in 1982 when Status Quo played their 'final' tour, including a gig at the King's Hall you could get a ticket, three t-shirts, two cases of beer and 20 Benson for 50p.

Now just to see Status Quo at the Odyssey (24th October, 2006) you'll need to cough up £35...my my haven't times changed. Still at least they'll have fresh zimmer frames thrown in instead of a booking fee in the ticket price (yes I was at the '82 gig...)


Anonymous said...

Have to say i'd rather pay £35 to see the Quo than pay 35p to watch those MGB's metallica....'escape from the studio tour'...what a laff....we want more dollars tour would be closer to the truth! Saw Quo last year at the waterfront...fuckin excellent, and they even had a smile on their faces and played guitar solos...something metallica forgot about.....the mists of time may be affectin me but i reckon the quo played antrim forum in 1982


Jonny said...

Naw, mates, checked with Quo's website and me Da He and mum collected a barely conscious me from that venue, together with a certain Sharon...Was defo 1982.

And why not grab a slice of 'Tallica? Rumours are they have discovered solos again. There's a petition online to prevent Bob Rock producing the new album so he doesn't mix the album as badly as St Anger. Hell, if 'Tallica have gone downhill in the studio they are still one of the best things live, when they get off their arses once every two years.

PS, if you have Window's Media Player visit http://www.mes-informations.com/4U/ it is the best online radio station I have come across for classic rock and metal - great tunes - top playlist acts are Maiden, Dream Theatre, Accept etc - even are playing Queensryche as I'm typing :)

Anonymous said...

Will have to check that one out J, I listen in to 100point5.com, it's pretty good too.Saw Sylvia's pix she took on the Deft Leppard site, good on ya girl !!

Jonny said...

been on that one too - after all saves on playing your own CDs, or should that be, saves on actually walking away from PC and beer to pick one

Rob Aneurysm said...

Status Quo played Antrim Forum on 19th and 20th april 1982 as part of their 20th anniversary tour, I was there.

They played the Kings Hall in Belfast on 17th april 1984 as part of the End Of The Road tour, again I was there.

This was meant to be a farewell to touring but they were gonna continue as a recording band.

They've played loads of gigs in the north since then and I've been to every one of them.