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Saturday, March 28, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: The Quireboys excel on St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul

SPIKE and his merry band of troubadours churn out excellence so consistently that when they release a new album it seems a given that it will be another stellar platter. And, that's the case with the latest offering from The Quireboys 'St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul'.

It would be possible to just leave it there - The Quireboys unleash a great album, full stop, end of review.

But, hell that would be a disservice to this lush offering of heartfelt odes to the human condition. Whatever was in the water in Swedish town Klippan when the band got down to recording it should be distilled and shared globally.

Just listen to the yearning, the heartache and broken words of 'The Promise' strings, acoustic solo runs and a nagging repetitive riff that tugs and tears at the soul.

And, in contrast the title track, 'St Cecilia' has that wild air of people living on the edges of society, where it is dangerous to be, but safer than the world where suits and billionaire banker bask in their ill-gotten gains.

'Can't Hide It Anymore' is the song that will have every American middle-of-the-road rocker gets down on their knees, knowing they'll never be able to match in terms of balance and perfection. Spike even gives a slight twang of mid-Atlantic accent at times to add to the atmosphere.

However, that wasn't the plan when Spike, Paul, Guy and Keith headed to Scandanavia...

“The plan was always to record some new acoustic songs and rework some originals,” said Spike. “But the plan changed. There was something about that place – the vibe got better and better and we just went with the flow.”

Aptly there is a track on the album called 'The Best Are Not Forgotten' because this release comes as a four-CD package, including 'Halfpenny Dancer' – finally available again – and two discs covering the previously unreleased 2010 Halfpenny Dancer live show featuring fiddles, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo and more.

“This side of the band needs to heard,” said Spike. “And we’ll be taking the new music out on the road with our most intimate tour yet.”

That road  trip concludes in The Diamond Rock Club (tonight, 28th March) and if you missed out on the show then make sure to grab this album.

Back to where we started - The Quireboys, steeped in excellence, releasing excellence.

St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul is released on March 30th on Off Yer Rocka
Review by Jonny

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