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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Erre three days of hard rockin' mayhem!

Hold tight if you have the cash and liver tolerance...cuz over the next three days there's a veritable feast of hardcore, hard rock and thrash - though not necessarily in that order!.

Kicking off on Thursday is RSJ at the Limelight with By Any Means leading the supporting charge!

Recover from that and you can limber up the neck muscles when classic Brit thrashers Onslaught get set to slay the Spring & Airbrake on Friday night, ably supported by Devil Makes Three, Overoth and Cursed Sun.

For those of you still fixated with the new wave of thrashers - excellent though the likes of Municipal Waste, Evile et al are - Onslaught still kill the old way. Despite wallowing through disbandment, reformation and line-up changes they have re-emerged revitalised in recent years.

Old codgers alert! Zimmer frames at the ready for grandad rock on Saturday...Status Quo play at Carrick Castle, which is only marginally older than the Quo. Sorry, but it is really easy to have a pop at the Quo, but fair is fair they have kept their 12-bar blues boogie rock going for an eternity and deserve plaudits a plenty.

Here at metal mansions we first experienced the Quo live in '82 on what was titled the 'End of the Road Tour'. Then came some years later, the 'In The Army Now Tour' etc etc etc.

No matter what their collective ages and infirmity they always get heads a nodding and entertain!

Also with the Quo on Saturday at the Castle are Hayseed Dixie with their sawgrass take on rock. And, Speedo would not forgive me if I didn't mention Tinn Lizzy!

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