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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Savage head!

Sweet Savage have been confirmed as support for Motorhead's Belfast and Dublin dates in November; the latest in a series of high profile supports for the band.

With new material due soon after this gig, Sweet Savage will more than make up for missing out on The Damned, who are supporting 'Head in rest of UK, but will it make up for not seeing NWOBHM contemporaries Girlschool who are also on the UK line-up?

Sweet Savage are still at the top of their game and Girlschool are putting out 'My Mates and me' albums.


Wrathy said...

So we're not getting Girlschool OR The Damned? Very disappointing..

Sweet Savage does Sweeten (if you see what I did there...) the deal but it is a bit of a blow to only get one support band when the rest of the UK gets two..

Jonny said...

The accursed word economics strikes again (see Y&T post earlier about Keel). Fact is that a lot depends on the label backing for a tour. If the label doesn't cough up cash for the support band to visit our sunny shores it ain't gonna happen! Still Sweet Savage should be in good shape with new material due out soon!

BC said...

Well I was considering to attending Motorhead partly so I could see The Damned.

Zero interest in Sweet Savage (whoever they are).

Very Disappointing.