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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Try before you buy?

Downloading songs has always been an awkward topic in music...witness the dispute between Metallica and Napster. Lars 'Loudmouth' Ulrich may have been right, but got the PR battle wrong.

BitTorrent and other services use P2P (peer to peer networks) to access tunes, albums and much more on a legal footing that is less than clear...i.e. illegal! At this point we at belfastmetalheadsreunited should apologise to Magnum, Marillion and Alestorm. Albums have been downloaded from BitTorrent sources. In defence, m'Lord we say that (a) we already have Magnum and Marillion tracks on vinyl and cassette and just wanted it on the PC without hassle and (b) we bought Alestorm CDs after listening to downloads.

The reason why this post is appearing is that we have discovered Spotify. Spotify is like LastFM, only better. For a start - it appears - that the bands on Spotify receive actual money when you listen to tracks on Spotify. So far this has revealed that we have an eclectic set of tastes!

Spotify also enables devotees to exchange playlists. Playlists so far have encouraged us to shell out the cash for Duff McKagan's Loaded mix of punk and classic rock CD, Sick and caused endless pining for Panic Cells' 'What Doesn't Kill Us' CD which a certain person has in their posession...just one email please to return this asap!

One of the main reasons for this post is to encourage local acts to get in touch with Spotify. Spotify charges for tracks to appear; but get all your acquaintances, Myspace mates, Facebook friends and Bebo buddies to downloads your tracks and...money!

Norn Iron's hard rock and metal scene deserves to dominate Spotify!


Wrathy said...

I heartily agree, and have actually considered paying for the service, which is normally free, just to show my support for it. It's really remarkable and definately worth having around.

Also the recent MAFIAA attacks on downloaders have convinced me into going legal. Theres a recent case where a guy got fined like a million bucks for 30 fucking songs. I mean...come on, thats enough to make ANYONE stop.

Jonny said...

The so-called industry hasn't got a clue. Try explaining a business model to a senior exec at a record label that doesn't include the words 'compact disc sales in decline' or 'new business demands' or even the 'P' word. The facts are clear - downloading is happening, bands are having to earn more and more of their money on the road (and when they are on the road they ain't recording new material!)
Spotify (and others make sure that bands - and even the labels!) get some cash.
Record labels need to get real and find a business model that uses the potential of this ol' interwebbythingy and make sure the bands get paid. Issuing 're-issues'of CDs barely a few months old with 'bonus' tracks and DVD footage ain't gonna get thousands of us shelling out.
Having said that there is no greater pleasure than ripping the wrapping off a brand new CD, stuffing it in the sound system and relaxing reading the liner notes and lyrics...apart from the halcyon days of vinyl when albums had proper packaging :)

Faiza Shafi said...

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