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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glyding into Belfast

Glyder, to those that take an interest in these sort of things (that would be us!) seem to have been bubbling under the classic rock scene in Ireland for some time now.

But the rest of Europe, and further afield, have been perking up their ears and clocking the Glyder sound for some time.

The Wicklow rockers are making tracks for their first Irish tour...well the first in three+ years.

September 11th they play the Terrace in Dungannon, on the 12th the Diamond Bar, Ahoghill, before rounding up the northern leg of the tour at The Limelight on the 13th.

Formed five years ago Glyder have just got their third album out, and are ready to reassert their name on the island.

Guitarist, Bat Kinane explains why they're getting back to the home land now: " We haven't focused much on Ireland before this year as it's very difficult to get people out to gigs and unless you are being hyped in the media people take little interest.

"It's also very difficult to get the attention of the press in Ireland when you play hard rock music. Irish radio and media tend to focus on indie and pop [ED: not to mention a shedload of shite dance music!].

"We decided to focus our attention on building up a name in the UK and beyond and in doing so the buzz would eventually filter back home.We are relatively unknown in Ireland but this summer we opened for Metallica in Dublin and people are now beginning to show interest in our music."

And about bloody time! Those of you may doubt that anybody bar The Answer can raise a flag for Irish hard rock - north and south - on a wider stage should perhaps note that Glyder have headlined in front of thousands in India (yes you read that right!) and have appeared on the main stages in festivals across Europe.

No less a producer that Chris Tsangrides (if you don't know his pedigree...) has helmed their recordings, and esteemed Y&T axeman Dave Meniketti contributed a solo on their latest album

"We finished recording the 3rd album "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" this summer and it will be released as soon as we have finalized partners for its release. It will be very much like the first album but the songwriting has improved and there are lot of killer hooks on it.
"Dave Meniketti guests on a solo on the title track.We got to know the Y&Tpeople through touring the UK with them last year. We sent him a backing track by email and he emailed back the solo and we put it into the song. His style is very recognizable and its a hot solo!!

Bat explained what the audience can expect come the 13th: "The Belfast show will be a mix of material from our first two albums and the EP and we will be playing at least 5 tracks from the new album.

"We also have Bandwagon and Howling Widow opening for us so it should be a great evening of rock."

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