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Monday, August 10, 2009

T-Shirts - black, band name, tour dates...

THERE is, of course, a cliche that says that all metalheads and hard rockers wear only black t-shirts emblazoned with the band logo and tour dates on the back. Usually they only adorn the male of the species, with that slight stretch along the mid-section to accommodate the 24-pack beer bulge...

Of course, like most cliches this is based on a partial truth...as well as a plethora of black tour shirts a red Metallica tour shirt can be found and a grey MSG tour shirt from 1983 has recently been purloined by junior editor (daughter) as bedwear. Blog critic and champion of prog and classic rock, Baal, has also been spotted in a white Motorhead t-shirt.

The cliche that the tour shirts can only be worn by the male gender has led to one enterprising County Antrim outfit to solve the conundrum that tour shirts usually have a cut that only suits men.

Tops For Rock Chix takes the tour shirts and band t-shirts and re-makes them for the more shapely female form!

You can check out the site here. And, I'm sure that if local acts want their tops altered for local fans they'd be more than happy to oblige!

On the subject of t-shirts for local bands, some time ago there was a comment on the blog as to where to get shirts of local bands. Mulled this over for a while...1) On sale at gigs 2) from their website; or 3) drop me a line here and I'll see if I can get in touch with the band concerned to access the threads you want.

Finally some rules for t-shirts: Led Zeppelin t-shirts bought from British Home Stores are never to be worn. Any band t-shirt bought from Cult is wrong...ffs a Motorhead or Clash t-shirts with spangly glistening bits...that's just wrong. Only wear tour shirts if you saw the band on tour (dispensation given under two special circumstances...that you had lost a limb and couldn't attend but a mate brought t-shirt and bootleg tape of gig or that you really, really, really wish you were there!. Final rule - if you like/love/admire the band wear their colours loud and proud! No point in being a fan of an act if you don't declare yourself as a fanboy/girl.

One word of warning...that Cradle of Filth t-shirt...yes the Jesus is a C*nt - shirt, is not appropriate for work. Just so you know!

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Anonymous said...

White motorhead t shirt died ages ago Jonny....mostly BLS/Dream Theater these days....the one about work made me laugh...i've worn my Pantera 'F**KIN HOSTILE' t shirt to and AT work under my 'kit'...quite appropriate on certain days lol

Mark...Baal...whatever my name is