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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Calling all local acts!

Wanna get a shot at a record deal? The esteemed hard rock and heavy metal label Roadrunner Records has opened its (online) doors to unsigned acts. The opportunity is to upload tracks and have them reviewed by volunteer 'scouts'.

The cynic says...nice play guys: free publicity, free A&R people and the chance to pick up one or two half decent bands with attendant PR blitz.

On the other hand...if you are in a band, here's the plan: register, upload a track, get all your mates to register as 'scouts' and have them rate and review your tracks and yours alone. Might not get you the record label deal, but it will raise your flag higher and one never knows!

This is a US initiative...it may spread and be copied in the Roadrunner UK division. And what have you got to lose!

And on the recent evidence from NI's hard rock and metal acts...we kick the rest of the world into a cocked hat in terms of musicianship, songwriting, recordings and live performances....Yeah WE ROCK! :)

Below is the Roadrunner 'blurb'.

"Are you in a band?
Do you know someone in a band?
Do you think you're good enough to be signed to Roadrunner?
Or do you think you have the "ears" to help us find the next big artist?
The new media department at Roadrunner Records have [sic] been busy in the laboratory over the past 8 months working on a brand new website designed to make submissions of recorded demos easier for bands hoping to one day get signed to our record label.
At this website, you can join as an ARTIST and upload your best material.
SCOUTS who join can then rate, review and comment the music you submit.
Roadrunner's A&R department will be looking at all of this material every day - listening to submissions and occasionally rating and reviewing songs themselves.
That website is signmeto.roadrunnerrecords.com.
Come to signmeto and check out the hundreds of cool, interesting, cutting-edge and...yes...totally lame bands that have uploaded music to the site. And if you are one of the bands involved - we have nearly 200 new scouts joining daily, so there are plenty of opportunities to get your material reviewed.
It is early days for signmeto, and there are still a lot of improvements that have to be made. We hope for your patience. Jon Satterley, Senior Vice President of New Media, has started a new blog at the regular RR website to discuss, on a weekly basis, the updates, fixes, changes and roadmap for the signmeto website. Check it out here.
Feedback is welcome at the comments area of the blog, and also by using our getsatisfaction feedback widget to the left of every web page at signmeto.
Don't forget to follow us on twitter by going here.
We hope you enjoy the new home of Roadrunner's online A&R."

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