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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ahh bugger! More expense in October...it's Opeth this time!

Ahh bugger - it can be overwhelming how much good hard rock and metal is coming to Belfast...the latest joyous news is that Opeth will be playing the Spring and Airbrake on 12th October. Tickets are on sale now, for the paltry sum of twenty five pounds...

October already boasts....
Residual Effect/Gacy's Threads/The Lobotomies - 2nd - Spring and Airbrake
Y&T/Stormzone - 5th - Spring & Airbrake
Duff McKagan's Loaded - 7th - Spring & Airbrake
Black Stone Cherry - 11th - Spring & Airbrake
Insect Warfare 12th - The Menagerie
Anal C*nt (sans the terminally ill Chopper Read) - 15th - The Limelight
Tigertailz - 17th - Diamond Bar
Amon Amarth/Evile/Entombed - 23rd - Spring & Airbrake
Isis - 24th - Black Box
Biffy Clyro - 28th - St George's Market
Mael Mordhu (plus 11 other acts - 31st - Rosetta

Bloody hell!!!

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Anonymous said...

I got my Dublin Opeth tickets weeks ago ,why were both dates not announced at the same time !!!!!

oh well ,2 Opeth gigs in as many days !

\,,/ Redskull \,,/