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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Time for a little GMT

No, you didn't read that wrong - it's not a G 'n' T like the drink that metal should avoid...rather it's GMT, Robin Guy, John McCoy and Bernie Torme.

GMT's only Irish date is at the Diamond Rock Club on 28th November.

Torme is one of the men that stand guilty of  trapping me into this glorious and unfeasibly wonderful world of rock and metal.

The Irish guitarist captured me on his three albums with Ian Gillan. Glory Road, Mr Universe and Future Shock - some slagged off his use of feedback as being Hendrix clone like but in truth his histrionics propelled Gillan's trad rock to a new level.

Had the pleasure of seeing Bernie Torme's Electric Gypsies at the Ulster Hall (supporting Budgie!) and Bernie played like a demon.

His career has seen him swing the axe with the likes of Dee Snider, Clive Burr and - famously - he played with Ozzy in the dark days after Randy Rhoads tragic death.

GMT have laid down two fantastic platters since the trio got together, and maximum credit to the Diamond Rock club for snagging this date...

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