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Saturday, June 03, 2017

NEWS: Stiff Little FIngers set to release live DVD/Blu-Ray and re-release No Going Back with added extras

GOT your ticket to see Stiff Little Fingers at Custom House Square, Belfast on 26th August? Ya better have as it is set to be one of the shows of the year.

Not only will SLF be celebrating 40 years going strong with their usual excellent, superb and generally top notch show, but there is a great line-up.

The Stranglers, Ruts DC and our own, The Outcasts, will be playing in what will be the sort of show that will be talked about for years to come.

To help you prepare the band are releasing 'Best Served Loud - Live at Barrowland' on CD, double LP, DVD and Blue-Ray on 23rd June on their new label earMusic.

On the same day SLF is re-releasing their storming 2014 Top 30 album 'No Going Back' on vinyl and CD with a bonus disc of demos.

It is an album that re-established SLF as the punk rock act - no equals. And, that's not biased in any way because we're a Belfast site and they are from Belfast. Simple fact is that you listen to any of the so-called punk/pop punk bands playing on Scuzz or Kerrang TV you can hear all the riffs and melodies that the pretenders have stolen from the Stiffs as well as the influences they draw from Jake and co. Let's not even go to how Green Day basically even 'borrow' stage moves from Ali...

The live album is from the St Patrick's Day show at the iconic Barrowlands in Glasgow, a date SLF always seem to manage to book and storm. Not since St Columba established a monastery on Iona and brought whiskey to the Scottish has there been a Northern Ireland presence so influential in Scotland.

If you're any sort of rock music you shouldn't need any introduction to Stiff Little Fingers. Anyone who doesn't know of the band, their music, their politics and their passion needs to go now and check out the 40-year back catalogue right now. And, make sure you read the lyrics to each and every track., which the band have helpfully put on their website.

You'll find anger, rejection and whimsy married with a music sensibility few can match. And on 'No Going Back' there is the pure honesty from Jake about his battles with depression as well as numerous inspired tilts at the dishonesty and corruption we witness in this foul world.

So as you prepare for the August 26th show here's what you can expect from the live release and re-release:

1.     Go For It/Wasted Life
2.     Just Fade Away
3.     Roots, Radicals, Rockers And Reggae
4.     Guitar & Drum
5.     Nobody’s Hero
6.     Back To Front
7.     Barbed Wire Love
8.     Listen
9.     Doesn’t Make It Alright
10.  Silver Lining
11.  Guilty As Sin
12.  At The Edge
13.  Strummerville
14.  My Dark Places
15.  Fly The Flag
16.  When We Were Young
17.  Tin Soldiers
18.  Suspect Device
19.  Gotta Getaway
20.  Alternative Ulster

Side A
1. Liar's Club
2. My Dark Places
3. Full Steam Backwards
4. I Just Care About Me
5. Don't Mind Me
6. Guilty As Sin

Side AA
1. One Man Island
2. Throwing It All Away
3. Good Luck With That
4. Trail Of Tears
5. Since Yesterday Was Here
6. When We Were Young

The “No Going Back” CD reissue comes in a 2CD Digipak edition with 12 exclusive demo songs, an acoustic version of “My Dark Places” and a live version of “When We Were Young“.

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