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Friday, June 16, 2017

LIVE REVIEW: Clutch once again stand head and shoulders above most in Limelight

THE Limelight has had quite a few gigs in the last few weeks and so far all of them great, and Clutch took that high level up several notches on Wednesday, June 14th.

First to grace the stage was Duelists with their brand of hard rock that touched on metal at times. They played with intensity that few bands have.

All played extremely well and had everyone in a good mood. This was a good start to the night. The only problem was that at times vocals were a bit weak. Whether this was as a result of the air, atmosphere or other factors didn’t detract from a good set. The whole band where impressive and played well.

Soon after the mighty Clutch came onto the stage and set Belfast alight.

They had one hell of a set - few bands can rival them.

One of the best performances seen in a long time.

They started off with ‘Crucial Velocity’ which was incredible and a great way to start the set off.

They then went onto play crowd favorites like ‘Firebirds’ and ‘Sucker for the Witch’.

The whole night was one to be remembered. The whole band was tight and they continued with the same fire they had coming onto the stage until the end. A great feat for any band!

They finished off with ‘X-ray Vision’ which was the best song of the night and signaled the end of the night topping off what was a great evening by all accounts.

Every time Clutch play here they sell out the Llimelight and you can see why, the show live is incredible and not like any other.

You can't get much better than this. There is no better way to spend a late Wednesday night with some great music from the mighty Clutch.

Review by Zakk Traynor
Pictures by Darren McVeigh

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