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Thursday, June 29, 2017

NEWS: Let darkness descend in October as Belphegor brings their Toten Ritual tour with a dark host accompanying them

IN the dark days of October, when the spirits of the damned roam across the land a glorious gloom is set to descend upon Belfast. The European Toten Ritual Tour is coming...

The Black Metal Crusade 2017 brings Belphegor, Destroyer 666, Enthroned, NervoChaos and Nordjevel to our city on October 12th, a Thursday set to be marked in infamy as the Dark Lord resides in the Limelight.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 5th July. No need to sell your soul in advance, at a mere £25 you too can join the metal court of Beelzebub.

But beware offending He who of many names: The Adversary, Belial, Lucifer, The Serpent of Old or Mephistopheles for he is the Archfiend...Place this date in your diabolical diary lest you miss the opening symphony of discord as this is an early show... Doors are at 5:30pm and the first band conjures evil intent a mere 15 dark minutes later.

Come to the Mass of metal massacre, join the Toten Ritual, and maybe have some of the Devil's Buttermilk too.

Ohh and Belphegor are releasing their new album Toten Ritual on September 15th...


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