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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NEWS: New album and North American tour ahead of Diamond Head's Belfast date

DESPITE being referred to unfairly as veterans, Diamond Head are still touring and are set to release a new album ahead of their 23rd September date in Belfast's Voodoo.

The band have just announced an extensive North American tour, and will be releasing a self-titled album shortly.

Oh, and they are playing Bloodstock too!

The North American tour will see the band play coast to coast, and from Texas to the mid-west.

Brian Tatler had this to say about the new album: “I had no interest in doing another record but after working with Ras on the 2014 European tour that suddenly changed.  I wanted to make a record with him.

He’s a confident singer and he’s not trying to fill anyone’s shoes”.

Recording of the album commenced last July with the band and engineer Adam Beddow at the helm.
Tatler said: “I gave Rasmus some music to listen to last January.  He selected songs or riffs that he wanted to work on and we began rehearsing. We whittled things down to fourteen songs by April”.

Eleven songs were selected in the end for the album; all mixed by Dave Nicholls and mastered by John Davis at London’s Metropolis.

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