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Monday, May 23, 2016

BLOODSTOCK - fights and strength in the field of metal...

RIGHT, you know this Bloodstock thing - music festival, loads of great bands like Slayer, Twisted Sister, Anthrax, Mastodon, Gojira, Rabid Bitch of the North, The Crawling, Acid Rein, Goatwhore etc etc etc.

Well if think that's all that goes on in Walton-On-Trent over that mad weekend (August 11th-14th) you're wrong!

This year sees the return of the Battle of the Nations UK - which is allegedly a demonstration of medieval fighting with teams from across Europe. Now, when the say demonstration, what they mean is teams in full armour, grab a pile of heavy weaponry and proceed to beat the livin' bejaysus out of each other.

Field Captain Rob ‘Moose’ Morris comments, "Bloodstock is always the most popular event we host in the tournament calendar. The unique atmosphere and amazing music always combine to a complete unreal experience. Showing the music fans what being a real metal-head involves; wearing 16kg of armour and caning the hell out of your opponent in August!" Wish them luck with their Bloodstock warm up this month, taking on the Battle Of The Nations World Championships in both the classic 5v5 Bohurt and female fighter categories.

And, after sampling the many fine ales at Bloodstock you may feel a little tender...then you will welcome the news that BOA will be hosting some of the strongest people in the world.

For the first time, Bloodstock and the 100% CA team will host two  special strongmen events. On Saturday, 20 top athletes from across Europe will compete for the title of ‘Europe’s Strongest Man Under 90kgs’.

Then on Sunday, see what pure strength is all about, in the ‘BLOODSTOCK’s Strongest Man’ challenge, showcasing some of the biggest and strongest competitors handpicked from around the world. Don’t worry, they’re not planning a face-off with festival attendees, but we wouldn’t recommend spilling their pint.

Over the 2 days, the athletes will complete 2 events in each title, including a max deadlift event, and we hope to see 400kgs pulled on Sunday! Plus, an overhead log-press for reps, a loading medley consisting of 5 objects, 2 which weigh 19 stone! Not to mention, a gruelling back-to-back tug of war. Joining us, will be World’s Strongest Man and Arnold’s competitor, the South of England’s Strongest Man Rob Frampton, and Dave Meer, the local Tamworth multi-record-breaking strongman who has competed in the UK’s Strongest Man numerous times. With the support of XplosiveApe, USN, and Rebel Strength, we will be bringing you the best in the country!

All this AND bin jousting...


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