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Monday, May 09, 2016

LIVE REVIEW: Irontown Diehards bring style and hard rockin vibes to Limelight

WITH their album release date getting closer and closer, 'style' icons and hard rockers Irontown Diehards brought the volume to Limelight2 on Saturday May 7th.

And, that sense of rockin' style came through in spades, with an aural attack that left everyone grinning.

Opening the evenings entertainment were On Parole. From their earlier days this band have evolved from trading on Motorhead licks to gathering their own sound. A few more gigs and they'll have an even more polished sound.

Cross-Eyed Mary have also improved recently, but a lack of distinct separation across the three guitars sometimes muddies the performance. They have the tunes but need to figure out how best to balance out their sound.

Irontown Diehards have developed a sound and image that delivers power and panache in equal measure. Dapper and deadly.

Phil is a consummate frontman, with a voice and on-stage attitude, ably engaging the audience and drawing them down the front.

While Andrew adds the flourishes on guitar to songs like 'For The Rose' and 'Horizon' the sound is balanced by Mark (bass) and Gordy (drums) keep the sound nailed down.

Of course there have always been comments about the band's image - sharp suited, trilbys and fob watches.

With a new twist on Saturday the band donned brown coats to cover their suits as they set up. And, that is the key to ID. The style is adopting a sense of wit - it's not laugh seeking, it just is a wry smile, a wink to the knowing, and an attempt to add a flourish to the music.

The Irontown Diehards sound isn't contrived, rather the music and look work together to produce something worth paying attention to.

Review by Jonny
Photographs  by Darren McVeigh
Reproduction of images/review by explicit written permission only

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