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Thursday, July 16, 2015

INTERVIEW: Stormzone talk Seven Sins and the evolution of the 'Dealer'

THERE is a time when a band has to step forward;  not rest upon their laurels and move on to the next level - and Stormzone certainly did that when they recorded 'Seven Sins' an absolute 'stormer' of an album.

We sat down with Harv (vocals), Graham (bass) and Steve (guitarist and album producer) to hear how 'Seven Sins' came about. [Review here]

Investigating the recording process, how the concept relates to the 'Dealer', new man on the axe, Junior and their plans for the coming months.

Oh, and before Raheem Sterling left Liverpool we started by asking the 'Pool fan what he thought about Sterling...

Listen here:

Photo credit: Darren McVeigh - MetalplanetBelfast

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