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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

EP REVIEW: Buck and Evans rip it up on new release

ONE of the delights of festivals is that you get the chance to check out bands you wouldn't normally see live - and thus in preparation for this weekend's Ramblin' Man Fair we had a wee listen to Cardiff four-piece Buck & Evans to see whether they would be on our hit list...

With their latest release 'Live at Rockfield' on our to-do list of listens we clamped the headphones and settled back for some damn fine power-house blues...at least that's what the PR blurb promised.

Were we disappointed after the hype surrounding this Cardiff four-piece? No. This is a set of three tracks that really is damn fine power-house blues, and encapsulation of the essence of blues and rock melded together.

Chris Buck brandishes his guitar with real passion, only matched by the soulful singing of Sally-Ann Evans as the pair pick up tattered dreams and romances mixed up with the kind of heartfelt hues that many acts can only dream of.

Opener 'Impossible' sees Sally-Ann's keyboards roll along as Chris wends and weaves along his fretboard with apparent ease despite the obvious difficulty many players would have with this type of phraseology on the axe.

Bassist Dominic Hill nails it down tight with Bob Richards drum work with, again deceptively simply, but complicated rhythms [NB - some might recognize Richards as he sat on the drum stool for AC/DC's videos 'Play Ball' and 'Rock Or Bust.]

'Ain't No Moonlight' brackets the three tracks with some neat interplays before Chris, Sally-Ann and Bob combine vocal talents on blues rocker 'Screamin'

These three tracks are enough to make sure that Buck & Evans will win over a lot of new fans when they hit the Outlaw Country Stage at Ramblin' Man Fair on Saturday around 4:30.

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