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Friday, November 21, 2008

Warm up for Gorgoroth on Saturday

If you want to warm yourself up for Sunday's Gorgoroth gig the Distortion Project's regular RockD slot tomorrow (Saturday) sees Arcane and Niyah Sky play at Katy Daly's.

Priced £2.50...excellent value!

The following Saturday RockD sees Interrogate, No Grace Given, and Razor Sentry - same venue, same price!


Wayne said...

Heading down for No Grace Given next week. Looking forward to it.
Also got Pendulum on Monday night, which is nothing to do with metal bar the fcat that Kerrang have leeched on to them.

And seen Soulfly confirmed for Dublin. Any rumours of a belfast date?

Jonny said...

Pendulum....well at least they're noisy! No word on Soulfy - they've nothing posted on Roadrunner etc, but I'll check it out with promoter etc

Wayne said...

Nice one. Cheers.