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Monday, November 03, 2008

Full Metal Racket 09

Full Metal Racket
Saturday 25th April 2009
Mandella Hall Belfast
All Ages.

More to follow


Anonymous said...

Confession time: I think 90% of Belfast's metal bands are fucking atrocious. They almost all go for that horrible screamy screechy metal nonsense. Are any of these bands NOT screamy metal bands? I went to a gig a week or so in Lav's and it was horrendous. Obviously this is a generalisation. There's some local bands I absolutely love, bands like Triggerman, LaFaro, No Grace Given, Sky Pilot. But most of the metal gigs in Belfast centres round all this screamy crap. I would absolutely LOVE to see a whole day of metal bands in the mandella, like a wee mini indoor local bands festival day, but unless they can incorporate a cross section of metal, I don't think I'll be attending.
That sounds all grumpy and negative. :0( Just book Triggerman and I'll see you there. YEO!!!

Anonymous said...

celtic legacy arent grumpy and negative. Those irish bands arent "screamy" by any means. They may not be to your taste which is fair enough. And the last 2 FMRS have been "wee mini indoor local bands" did you go to them? FMR1 was in laverys, FMR2 was in april past at the empire.

Jonny said...

Dale and Wayne, you both make good points...Wayne there are too many same sounding bands; but as usual the cream will rise to the top.

Dale you're right FMR provides a wider outlet than the way too many pub gigs that see bands playing to other band members. The need to reach out is becoming more important if we don't see our local (and diverse) scence disappear up its own underground arse.

The work of No Fake ID Required and Corey with FMR has shown that it can reach out, so all hail to the local hard rock and metal scene.

As I've posted before there was a time when you could see Def Leppard, Metallica, WASP and MSG in Belfast and it was the same people packing out the Ulster Hall. We appreciated anything that had decent loud guitars and wasn't godawful pop back in the 80s :)

If it ain't your scene Wayne, why not at least try out FMR3 to see if any of the bands do grow on you (though I have to say that sometimes the cookie monster vocals could go for some acts - at times it seems that they just listen to Terrorizer's Fear Candy CD cover mounts way too often!) However, there is enough in that line-up for all.

And on the topic of the local scene - at last count I tallied up nearly 100 local acts ranging from classic rock through hard rock, traditional metal, hardcore, extreme metal, and black metal right up to and including doom and prog metal. Something for all us metalheads :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I meant *I* sounded all grumpy and negative.
And last night, I found out that FMR clashes with a good friend's wedding. Shame.

I do give a lot of local acts a chance. We always go to the Katy's afternoon sesions (RockD?) when Triggerman play, and it means you get to see a few other bands you might never have seen before. So it's not a lack of willingness to check out other bands.

By the way, good to see the comments being used more often, and nice to see a little friendly debate too.

P.S. My metal is better than your metal ;0)

Jonny said...

Your metal better than my metal! All metal good - just your choice as to what metal you listen to... \m/

Anonymous said...

Jonny, corey and me run FMR/BNB :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you're teaming up on me now. I see. ;0)

Jonny said...

Apologies Dale for not giving credit where credit i well due!