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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slightly off topic...but all hail FUEL!

Slightly off normal topic this post, but all hail to the young people led project in Enniskillen called FUEL. I was there today as part of my 'day job' as Media and Public Affairs Officer for the Children's Commissioner and met up with a group of young people determined to help themselves by setting up a project they run.

Welcoming the Commissioner amid TV cameras and press photographers local act Setoria [think that's the right spelling!] d├ębuted, followed by a hilarious duet singing about being ginger! (that has to go on Youtube!

And who was in the middle of it all lending a helping hand but Krum of Darkest Era!

Great to see that west of the Bann the shining beacon of metal burns fiercely and more to the point under 18s proving once again they're not wasters intent on causing crap, but rather contributing and rocking out in a safe, healthy environment. All hail FUEL, keep it rockin' keepin' it real!


Anonymous said...


That's like really cool!

Just as a slight correction our band is called "Seratonic"

And The Duet were called "Red"

If you happen to use bebo heres links to both bands



I'm the guy who was talking to you about iron maiden =D

Jonny said...

Apologies for getting that wrong...heading west of the Bann had me all disorientated

Anonymous said...

Heya Stephen from RED here (the ginger duet)

Catch us on myspace!


Thanks for the feedback!