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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ormeau Park and Metallica

Seems that the rumour mill over Metallica playing Belfast's Ormeau Park has been spiralling all over the place. While any sensible metalhead would back this to the hilt there are a few facts that we have been trying to piece together. Here they are:
  • Metallica have told their buddies that they want to play Belfast;
  • There is an application for an entertainment event at Ormeau Park;
  • A security firm has been requested to provide a crew for a possible June/July/August outdoor event in Belfast
  • There are slots in Metallica's current confirmed tour diary in June and July and nothing has been announced beyond the 5th Copenhagen show.
  • Belfast hasn't an indoor venue large enough to cope with the in-the-round set, but it has ben adapted for both indoor and outdoor use
So far all sounds good...but here are the contra points:
  • At least one local promoter has no idea if this is real or not
  • A close contact with the band has intimated that while they'd love to play Belfast again nothing has been discussed in detail yet
  • The last big outdoor gig (Botanic Gardens) in Belfast ended in a row between the promoter and PSNI over bills
  • The traffic management around Ormeau Park may cause objections to a large gig

All this didn't stop website that sells "legitimate pre-sale tickets" offering to secure two tickets for me for a, ahem, a reasonable booking charge. When I called them it was strange there was no answer...passed details on to the authorities and lo and behold within 30 minutes that date on the 'Tallica tour was taken down....

In other words we have to take the balance of these arguments. As those of you who may remember school/uni philosophy it all comes down to the burden of proof. As it stands the burden of proof does not rest either way....

But...the final word from an ill-informed/well-informed (you choose :) after the summer) source was that if you're serious about Metallica don't even think of booking your summer holidays til we know the exact date!

On this occassion I'll leave impartiality well outside the door and say to the promoters..."Make this happen!"


Wayne said...

What gig in Botanic is that you're talking about?

Jonny said...

info here Wayne: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/music/news/concert-promoter-defies-call-to-share-police-bill-13935086.html