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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trivium support

Support for Trivium's December 5th Mandeall Hall comes from The Haunted and Rise to Remain. Tickets are £20.50 for this over 16 gig...doors 7pm


Anonymous said...

I love The Haunted and I'm gutted they are supporting such a bloody awful band
I totally hate Trivium and there is no way I'm buying a ticket to see that watered down pish of a band
its like some sorta sick joke being played on me


Redskull is not a happy bunny :(

Anonymous said...

The man doth protest too much.

Jonny said...

Ahhh Redskull, 'tis a pity. I know there is a lot of anti-Trivium feeling out there, but by the same token they are a door into the magical mystical world of metal for many a youngling yet to fully convert to our dark ways. I cannot speak without bias as I quite like the Floridians. Current release Shogun is a helluva lot better than Crusade, and having seen them twice they put in the effort on stage...oh and I interviewed Paolo (he's the short-assed bassist) and he proved to be an utterly top bloke, well interested in hearing about the local scene - a man to hand over demos/CDs to if you get a chance!