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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NOFX for Spring and Airbrake

Back on October 11th we trailed the forthcoming announcement of a NOFX Belfast date. Today CDC made it official. NOFX are playing an intimate show at the Spring & Airbrake on 26th April, 2009.

Tickets are on sale now for £19.00 (subject to booking fee).

I for one don't have too much time for a lot of the pop punk dross that has been thrown up in the wake of the likes of NOFX, but they are among the bands that have a genuine sense of the absurd, as well as a keen awareness of their place in the world.

Fat Mike is not only a talented songwriter, but has demonstrated a political nous many of his contemporaries lack. Today as America casts votes for the next incumbent it was Fat Mike and a few like minded souls four years ago that campaigned long and hard throughout the Warped Tour to get more young people registered to vote. While it didn't oust Dubbya that time, the seeds were sown. How many of those registered disaffected, angry, angst-ridden will now tip the balance when tonight's results roll in.

I'm putting my vote down now for a healthy smattering of tracks from 2003 platter 'War on Errorism', and an extra big request for 'The Idiots have Taken Over'.


Dale Buchanan said...

- punk in drublic
- white trash 2 heebs and a bean
- so long and thanks for all the shoes

fantastic albums by nofx, cant wait to go!

benbenben said...

War on errorism?
Man that album is pale!
Wolves in wolves clothing is about 1000 times better!
well i suppose, "to each his own"
fair dues anyway, nofx on a metal blog, good sport.

Jonny said...

NOFX on a metal post - well I've had this debate on these pages before, but to quote that old pop wanker Billy Joel "It's all rock 'n' roll to me"...by which I mean that whether it's AC/DC's hard rock blues, Gorgoroth's black metal, classic Maiden, Therapy?, or 80s perm rock Leppard or Motley Crue it all fits into the very, very, broad genre of loud fucking music and not shoe gazing indie wankfests...there rant over :)

And I revisieed Wolves...not 1,000 times better, but on re-listening I'll call it a score draw :)