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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Make a date for old school this coming Sunday when classic NWOBHM comes to town, thanks to the Distortion Project team...Denim and Leather etc will be aired by Saxon founder member, Oliver Dawson...with support from A Little Bitter and Soloway. Hell, at least it's another chance to see ALB!

On a personal note the last time I saw Saxon I was still at school (doing 'O' Level Maths the same day...) and they played at the now closed Maysfield Leisure Centre. Missed 'Saxon' when they played here last (although after hearing what a dick Biff was to a friend not that sorry I did!)

Anyhows, here's the official blurb...

Oliver/Dawson Saxon will play The Spring and Airbrake, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast on Sunday 27th July. Support comes from A Little Bitter and Soloway. Doors on the day are at 7.30pm, and tickets (£12) are available from Ticketmaster.ie, www.geturticket.com, Katy Dalys and Zavvi (Virgin)

Saxon is one of the founders of the heavy rock/heavy metal genre. The band evolved in the early 1980,s from Son of a Bitch (SOB) – founded by Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson near Sheffield, UK. Now performing as OLIVER DAWSON SAXON (ODS) the original sound and perspective of the band has been developed further with the arrival of best mate of Guns n Roses’ Slash – ‘Wardi’ John Ward – on vocals. Saxon produced over 17 full albums in their career from which numerous hit singles were released. The original SOB song, Wheels of Steel, set down a marker from which much of the band’s song writing stemmed. Nowadays, ODS performs the newer and also the older classic compositions such as Denim & Leather, Dallas 1PM, Crusader, 747 (Strangers in the Night), Frozen Rainbows etc in a more contemporary heavy style.




http://www.myspace.com/httpwwwmyspacecomods (Oliver Dawson Myspace site)


Anonymous said...

What was it Biff got up to last time? Seemed dead on although a little strange...dont usually talk to vocalists who start conversations about a rash on their leg!

Jonny said...

His attitude to ladies was very, very poor - I'll not recount the incident, but suffice to say a man of his ancient years should at least behave in a less than neandrathal manner