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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Permiership players unfit...drummers kick ass instead!

It's official drummers are as fit as premiership footballers! According to Chichester University drummers rock out with a heartbeat at 190 beats per minute. But given they only tested Blondie's drummer Clem Burke we reckon they're not pushing the envelope at all!

Imagine if they'd tested Tom Lombardo, Brann Dailor, Neal Peart, or even a host of Norn Iron metal drummers....premiership footballers would fade in their wake!


maggotmoore said...

Surely the man in question is Dave Lombardo.

You trying to make a monster that consists of Tom Araya's bass skills and Dave Lombardo's drumming!?

Jonny said...

Have you not heard about the slayer hybrid cloning programme? Or, maybe, just maybe...I wasn't the most sober person on the planet when I was typing that post. Make your mind up which is the more likely answer.