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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Honour? Chaos? Folk Metal?Must Be Waylander

Irish folk metal warriors Waylander will be bringing their unique take on folk tales to the Darkened Halls of Metal (well The Limelight at least!) on 8th August.

While many wait for Turisas's appearance with Dragonforce in the month of Samhain (October that would be) Waylander give the Finnish Battle Trolls a serious run for their money on latest release (at least from the tracks posted to date on their My Space) Honour Amongst Chaos.

The platter touches down on 7th July according to their site...though why release it on a Sunday? But then again why not when Pagan tradition has Saturday the night of feasting etc, and modern tradition has Sunday the day for shopping...with the nice civilised time of opening at 1pm, when the hangover has abated somewhat!

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