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Friday, July 04, 2008

Landmines and Dixie

Hayseed Dixie - for those who have been living in a closet for the past decade - is a band described as "A Hillybilly tribute to AC/DC." The band performs cover versions of hard rock songs in a style that is a cross between bluegrass and rock, which some have termed rockgrass.

The band's name is a play on the name AC/DC. The band will play the Spring & Airbrake on Sunday 31st August - when they'll be bringing their own original material to the stage, along with their unique take on rock and metal through the years.

A quick word from their frontman...

Barley Scotch In His Own Words

"I’m Barley Scotch, singer and guitar player of Hayseed Dixie, and I’m here to tell you about our new record that we’re calling “No Covers” and that the record label is supposed to be releasing on February 18, 2008. If you don’t have one, you need to call up Joolz, our publicist person.

"The whole thing started when I was sitting on an airplane from somewhere to somewhere else (we fly around a LOT – see the previous “industry standard press release”). I was just finishing up a Mark Thomas book and I happened to have the interesting fortune of sitting beside a nice 60+ year old businessman-looking fellow who turned out to be an American arms dealer.

"We got to talking about guns and stuff and he whooped out his catalog. Somewhere around page 20-something I got to the M-16 Anti-Personnel Mine, nicknamed the Bouncing Betty. Hell, there was a studio picture of it backed by crushed velvet! It turns out there are thousands of these little honeys just waiting for the right man to come along scattered all around the nastier parts of the world.

"So I asked the fellow … was there a decent chance that if I had gotten off my motorcycle when I was riding through Bosnia and ignored the “Beware of Land Mines” signs everywhere and walked out into the field, and one of these Bettys bounced up and “rendered me nonviable” (the catalog’s words), it might have said “Made in Springfield, Missouri” on the bottom of it?

"He took the catalog back and quit talking to me and I ran into the airplane toilet and wrote the words to the song Bouncing Betty Boogie on a handful of toilet roll.

"And that’s how all the words to all of the songs came – personal experiences and talking to people during the 2007 world tour. When you travel every single day for months on end, you meet yourself some real characters.

"The music was inspired a lot by all the bands we played with at festivals and who supported us on our own gigs. Every one of them had drums and electric guitars, and we got to thinking that it would be a hell of a lot of fun to crank up a Les Paul and pound some drums on about half of the songs - we’ve always been a rock band, just using acoustic instruments.

"Why not get REALLY loud this time? We’re really excited about the record and we think we stayed true to our roots while also moving ahead and growing musically.

"And by the way, if you’re gonna sell the damn promo CD you got with this to a used record place, at least have the decency to wait until after it’s actually been released.

"You may think the record is crap, and I frankly don’t give a damn what your personal opinion is about it, but if you sandbag us at retail you’re just an asshole and if I find out about it I’ll give you an East Tennessee asswhooping.

John Wheeler (credited as Barley Scotch) –vocals, guitar, fiddle, founding member
Don Wayne Reno – Banjo
Dale Reno – mandolin
Jake Byers – bass

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