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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Too f***in' hot

It really is too fucking hot...both the gig listings and the temperature! Was in London today and yesterday (missed Ollie Dawson as a result but got smashed at the Crobar...!) and temperature was in the 30+ category. Enough of my misery and some gigs coming up...

On 8th August Waylander are introducing a wee CD to Belfast...it's been getting reviews in Kerrang! Metal Hammer and Terrorizer and the reception has been positive so far (well if it wasn't we'd head to their offices for a wee explanation about Norn Iron battle metal!) and Honour Amongst Chaos on Listenable Records is well....well worth a listen!

And the next day...RSJ and Residual Effect (with Stand-Up Guy and Two Tales of Woe) will be rocking RockD at Katy Daly's. And if you can still stand/function/walk Triggerman, Escape Fails, Soundstone and Dwell in Sun will be performing in the Spring & Airbrake....phew!

With Overoth, Last Judgement and Solace of Nadir on the 16th at Katy Daly's and too much to even mention... ahh hell you know I will mention it all again soon.

In the meantine I shall be crawling into a nearby freezer...before emerging refreshed, reasonably sober and ready for bottle or draft!

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