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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two nights of RAWK 'N' Roll

Fasten yer seatbelts for two nights of rawk 'n' roll mayhem!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Arnocorps touch down in the Black Box to lay down their Schwarzenegger inspired vibes (piss-take or genius...you decide). Support comes from highly rated thrashers Gama Bomb (their new album with Earache well worth a listen!), relaible noiseniks Hand of Death and Escape Fails. EF are about to launch their debut album...and from early listens it's set to be bring the EF guys to a new level.

Once you've recovered your breath from that...head off to the Spring and Airbrake on Wednesday night for the rock and blues geeeeetaaarrrr of Joe Bonamassa. Ok, it ain't exactly metal, but if you wannna learn the licks you gotta see where the tricks come from. Bonamassa has an unerring ear for combining the best of blues with the attitude of hard rock. While there are shredders by the dozen Bonamassa has a feel for mixing technique with style and a lyricism. With Kevin Shirley at the helm of his latest release Sloe Gin he has produced a landmark of rock and blues fusion. Check out his versions of John Martin's Jelly Roll and Paul Rogers' Seagull for evidence!

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