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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

All well's at The Empire

Saturday night, Belfast's Empire and another tribute band...By Jovi were there a couple of weeks back, and this time it was the turn of Limehouse Lizzy.

Now there are many who question the validity, not to mention the raison d'etre of such tribute acts (myself included in the past). However, fair play to Wayne and the guys from Limehouse; they turned in a great faithful set, and most importantly the crowd lapped it up. Yeah, it wasn't the real deal (that is of course impossible) but they laid down the tracks with vigour, the people drank and a good time was had by all!

Fair price, fair pints, fair show - as the colloquialism would have it, fair enough mate!


Anonymous said...

Limehouse Lizzy may well only be a tribute band(an excellent one at that)But remember i was at the point in Aug for the gig in memory of Phil Lynott and the ex lizzy members who played there(apart from gorham&bell)were an embarrassment to say the least,never have i heard the Lizzy songs played and sang so badly.If Limehouse Lizzy were there they would've blew them off the stage(obviously why they and Sykes werent asked)!!!!


Anonymous said...

It was certainly a fairer price than the 56 euro we were asked to fork out for that wanker Moore and his alcho pal Robertson at the point! At least Limehouse are a worthy tribute to Phil & his music, they even had two pix of him on the stage and as an added bonus they could actually play their instruments AND sing! Even better, not an acoustic guitar in sight!!!!!Mores the pity!!!! MB

Jonny said...

definitely agree, and even though I was well passed the wrong side of pissed, they proved that tribute bands can actually be that -a tribute to the acts they are paying homage to. I definitely got the impression that while they were doing it for the few shackles they may have gotten for the gig, they really were dedicating it to the memory of Thin Lizzy and Phil. Pity all tribute bands weren't as dedicated!

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