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Thursday, June 14, 2018

EP REVIEW: The Howling Tides slam it down on début release

The Howling Tides recently released a video for their first single ‘Crack My Soul’ (which landed on YouTube on 4th June) from their upcoming self titled EP.

And now comes the big one with their brand new 5-track EP, (Produced by modern-day British Blues Rock legend Aynsley Lister) which will be available on all major platforms.

What a lot of heavy rocking these lads have packed into five songs, kicking off first with 'Cheap Painkiller' with almost a Black Sabbath vibe until it unmuffles itself and blasts into chunky bluesy rhythms.

It highlights some of the incredible range of Rob's vocals, from a sweet quirky smoothness to a ragged chainsaw full of rage.

Hayden's guitar work is incredible and all very well supported by Luke on bass and Steven slugging it to those drums.

Definitely a great track to start off with...

Second up is 'Death By Exile', a dirty southern rock style full of chunky rhythms and riffs that chug along at a perfect headbanging speed. The breakdowns are things of beauty that just make you glad to be alive at a time some young bucks were able to produce something like this.

'He Told Me', another hard rocking, face smacking, headbanging tune that continues the joyful delivery of controlled aggression and with guitar solos that fly at you with a pickaxe. Again there are moments where you have a comfortable feeling of Black Sabbath hidden here and there throughout the track.

Then comes the awesome 'Crack My Soul', a solid headbanging track full of emotionally charged, controlled aggression infused with crashing riffs and rhythms delivered in a professional tight manner that just makes your skin tingle and your hairs stand up.

Finally we have 'Running Blind' a riff-laden rumbling tune that is absolutely perfect for driving. You will just keeping driving past your stop just to listen to the very end.

This EP is a full on delivery of joyful energetic Hard Rock Blues with incredibly well delivered thundering drums, dirty fuzzy guitars, chugging bass and soulful vocals. Every track has rich chunky hooks, well timed breakdowns, a full sound and all are infectiously catchy.

The riffs, rhythms, breakdowns, and vocals will leave you with a hint of what Black Sabbath would have sounded like if they had just been a hard blues rock band.

And, as repored by our colleagues who saw them at HRH Ibiza Road Trip in May, definitely a band to see live.

The ep is out on WDFD Records on 29th June. Buy it. You need this one.

With an unrelenting desire to deliver soulful Hard Rock and unforgettable live shows, The Howling Tides are a band set on making their mark. Catch them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Review by Ivor Whitten

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