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Thursday, July 13, 2017

INTERVIEW: Shrouded get set for Bloodstock and gear up for new release

BLACKENED Northern Ireland death metal is descending on Bloodstock when Shrouded hit the Hobgoblin Stage.

It's a festival the band are familiar with given they have attended Bloodstock for several years as fans, and they are excited at the opportunity to play in front of thousands of devoted metal devotees.

Shane Hughes of the band relayed what it means that they won the Northern Ireland heat of Metal2TheMasses.

"Being given the opportunity to play in England is a big deal for any band in Northern Ireland," he said. "But when your first time going to play across the water is at one of the UK’s biggest metal festivals then it’s really something incredible!"

"Being given the opportunity to play Bloodstock back in May was easily the highlight of our musical career thus far, especially since the talent display in this country right now is phenomenal. We couldn’t be more excited for it, in fact it’s safe to say we are all counting down the days!"

And this isn't the only big event in Shrouded's immediate future.

"As it happens, we have a new EP coming out just before the festival which is very timely, so we are very excited to take our new material to English shores!"

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