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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

INTERVIEW: Keith from Panzerbastard chats ahead off their August 25th Voodoo show

FOR some the thought of bringing two bastards together is a plot line from Game of Thrones - the only show with more metalheads than a Slayer gig. But come August 25th two other bastards are descending on Belfast: Hellbastard and Panzerbastard.

With just over a month to the show in Voodoo we corralled Bostonian - Keith from the aforementioned Panzerbastard for a wee chat...

And, first things, first - as well as being grateful they are making the journey here, what in the name of all ungodly brings these metal/punks all the way across the Atlantic to this place?

"Life is short and we want to play everywhere and anywhere we can," said Keith. "Never saw the point in spinning  your wheels, being content to play the same two dives in town over and over.

"To me the whole point of doing this is to see the world & have as many adventures as humanly possible."

And, with that the work ethic seems to be something the band take very seriously

"You gotta prove your worth as band. if you can't back it up live you might as well pack it in," he said.

"It's definitely a struggle but you can't expect things to just fall in your lap, you gotta work hard!"

For some it's hard to believe that any band can really make ends meet and afford to get up on stage when very few shows make anyone any money.

"This is what I do, this is what makes me happy," said Keith. "Rock & Roll has kept me alive and never betrayed me.

"It's an honour & a privilege to be able to do this and I will do it til I die."

As with all 'underground' bands Panzerbastard keep going and going, but if they could go further and score a label deal would they?

"There's obviously only so far a band like PB can go in terms of  'commercial success' but if we gave a fuck about that rat race we sure as hell wouldn't be playing this racket!" he said. "If there was a label out there who would work hard for us, be able to help keep us on the road all year ? Sure.  No shame in that & god help any cunt who'd try to change us."

Being stuck on this side of the Atlantic we wanted some names of US bands that Keith would recommend we check out - and they are worth checking out!


Panzerbastard play with Hellbastard and Scimitar on August 25th. Tickets are £15.40

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